Atomic Research Lab




Brad Bartlett
Siyun Oh
Jack McEntee


Atomic Research Lab at the California Academy of Sciences focuses on the study of the atom allowing the audience to discover the fundamental properties, behavior, and interactions of atoms in the world. Atomic Research Lab focuses on helping visitors gain a deeper understanding of the elements in the periodic table and how they contribute to the composition of the world around us.
While researching atoms, a quote from physicist Neil Bohr described atoms as the fundamental building blocks of nature. This inspired the typographic part of the project, which uses the Bohr model of atoms as the foundation for the design. Each letterform consists of modules based on the atom representing the elements, allowing for a unique representation of each element. The diverse vibrant color palette is inspired by the radiant hues associated with the radioactive emissions and the varied spectra of light produced by individual elements. Utilizing image treatment methods, such as collage making, describes the core message that every object is composed of atoms.

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