Jo Iijima is a multidisciplinary graphic designer based in Pasadena and New York City who specializes in brand identity, typography, and album artwork for artists. He is currently studying at ArtCenter College of Design (BFA in Graphic Design).



Featured Personal Projects︎︎︎

Album Design︎︎︎

ASURA - King Gnu Vinyl Design

Vinyl design for ASURA by King Gnu. Inspired by Asura's historical legacy, the hand symbolizes Asura's desire for battle, while also mirroring the inherent human desire for everything. The custom-made sharp edged font, Vengeance Serif, reflects the aggressive nature of Asura.  


CONSEQUENCES is a zine created for CSGV, a non-profit gun control advocacy organization opposing gun violence. The goal of this zine is to create awareness of gun violence in the United States.

Google's Rare Fellowship︎︎︎

Google at CES 2024

Collaborated with Google's Events + Experiences team on Google's presence at CES 2024. As a Design Fellow with Google's Rare fellowship, I contributed to the brand identity for the event and design for road signages, BA pins, and postcard deliverables.


CAS (California Academy of Sciences) Rebrand

In highlighting the significance of sustainable architecture at the California Academy of Sciences, the custom typeface "CAS Ultra" is inspired by the iconic hill-shaped "living roof" designed by Renzo Piano. The interconnected hills also represent a genome pattern shown in the ID collaterals, symbolizing the theme of "regeneration," a central message of CAS. The identity system adeptly integrates the organic flow of the building into our design, encapsulating the essence of nature seamlessly.


Atomic Research Lab at the California Academy of Sciences focuses on the study of the atom allowing the audience to discover the fundamental properties, behavior, and interactions of atoms in the world. Atomic Research Lab focuses on helping visitors gain a deeper understanding of the elements in the periodic table and how they contribute to the composition of the world around us. 

Album Design︎︎︎

Hold The Girl - Rina Sawayama Vinyl Design



Explored the deconstruction of typography, pushing the boundaries to transform and reshape its form into diverse and intriguing shapes.

Font Design︎︎︎

Vengeance Serif

Vengeance Serif is a custom typeface characterized by its sharp edges which communicate a sense of aggressiveness. It is suitable for various text lengths, and its design utilizes a collage technique to highlight its sharp and forceful qualities.

Font Design + 3D Render︎︎︎


Crafted with inspiration drawn from XG's album "NEW DNA”. The custom typeface, intricately designed, takes inspiration from the enigmatic body of the Alien (1979), describing its distinct shapes and mysterious features.

Art + Photo Direction︎︎︎

Self Portrait Series

Event Design︎︎︎

Coffee with Sean Adams Event (Spring + Fall)

Partnered with the department chair, Sean Adams, to organize collaborative events aimed at fostering a stronger community among students. Created identity and social media promotion design for the event.

Typography + Visual Making︎︎︎

XG Inspired Visual Series

Created a series of designs inspired by XG's songs, visually capturing the essence of each track.

Typography + Visual Making︎︎︎


IDOL OF NATURE explores the intersection between living animals and typography. While we commonly perceive the human body as the epitome of existence, this project challenges whether humans truly embody nature and serve as idols to the environment. The use of upside-down, two-sided typography serves to present dual perspectives—truth and falsehood—prompting viewers to question their own perceptions.

Image Making︎︎︎

Study of Time / Memory

Study of Time and Space: 365-24-60 Poster Series. Inspired from the concept and history of time dilation and Einstein’s relativity of time.

Image Making︎︎︎

Collage Collections

Photo + Image Making︎︎︎

Into the Blur

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