AWE Rebrand


Brand Identity / Rebranding


Tracey Shiffman


A rebrand project for AWE (Augmented World Expo). AWE is the biggest conference and expo for people involved in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Wearable Technology. It is organized by a non-profit organization named AugmentedReality.Org, with the mission of "Advancing Augmented Reality to Advance Humanity". 

The new logomark activates AWE’s goal of further expansion and growth—inviting the new audience to the XR community. Augmented World Expo (AWE) has had a great reputation for sharing new ideas and advancing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology.  The negative space in between each stem creates a path that invites to the center and out to the world where new ideas for XR business are born and shared. The multicolored logomark evokes a world of augmented and virtual reality where it is multidimensional which has a potential to live beyond a flat surface.
Our new logo is combined with different types of green that share the theme of coexistence with humans and technology. AWE shares the goal of advancing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology in order to further human progress. The green color palette evokes the light coming out from the technology such as VR and projector. Moreover, the nature-inspired green colors emphasize the growth and transparency of extended reality with our lives. Just like nature, our new branding will push the boundary of expanding its community and helping people’s lives through AR and VR.

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